Children left behind in the country where

&Nbsp;     now social phenomenon is young are out adventure social, children and elderly are left home in the, rural of crops didn't people planting, elderly and child are is by young out working earned points money home life, children grew up are feel not to parents of love, himself Grandma Grandpa generation of has, just what culture, in education aspects also exists with is big of problem, dang children a step a step of grew up, is most no longer listening to home inside words, Learned has mixed social, parents are hard of out money, seems to children, but in addition a angle see is in victims children, because children grew up feel not to love of where, more alone what good learning like has, no people told he do of things is on also is wrong, Chengdu moved company in this when to everyone introduced about is located in Pearl River Metro core regional of washing village, here except village West of street and along Huangpu Avenue area is has Street shops in business zhiwai, village in the most housing has moved empty, Doors, Windows and other,  have been dismounted left an empty frame, at odds with row upon row of tall buildings around the CBD area, but a closer look at this village is full of old people and children inside, people feel very sad.

      country of left children the where, this phenomenon just washing village of phenomenon, more is social of status, national for these aspects of measures also in gradually of take, Chengdu moved company and once moved of when after had wash village, certainly such of situation also see had once, this is this wash village has was social concern has, in this during many of media what are to had, in visited village in the multiple corner found, Although left village in the of residents has few, but village of cleaning work still not interrupted, makes main streets looks also compared clean, yesterday 3 o'clock in the afternoon Xu, has cleaning personnel push with blue of garbage car, since village West to village East   way street collection garbage, from many of details aspects are proved has left to of people also is in insisted with better of life, may only for waiting for out of young home, national for such of situation wants to improved only of approach development rural, Was seen by working outside of the home can also make money, kids and work is not wrong, is a very good thing.


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