Orphans back to Shane in mind when moving

&Nbsp;     now this social economic, and culture are height development has, but need of is harmony, and need of care, here has a is good of example, en remember is had for 60 name orphans of benefactor, early in 1959 of when, these orphans in he of statistics Xia established orphans hospital, orphans are has has second a home, but in 1964, orphans are again moved, County more than 240 over orphans concentrated to three in Xiang children orphanage, But zhihou and in 1969 some orphans orphanage dissolved, then of orphans has grew up has, part returned placed, part through recruitment, and zhaogan, and recruiting began himself of career, is these years inside of growth, many of orphans established difference of people, but according to these orphans of memories said even in outside more brilliant, also is always didn't approach forget had himself of second a home, Miss in heart more product more heavy. Countless times, they dream back three in, and absence of companion and teacher reunion, Yu they their has such of a plans, to pumping time back see himself mind in the has been Miss of teacher, in 50 years Hou of today, country 60 years birthday Zhiji, they finally in this days and teacher members has, dang when is more than 60 over orphans on miles home road, one moving of Thanksgiving of Brigade opened has prelude, this scenes moved has so see this a scene of people, think just a moved.

      to has today many orphans are is close 50 age around has, Xiong Keqian elderly said he lifetime also forget can't orphans hospital on himself of kindness he said: "no orphans hospital, I certainly early starve to death has", so is of thanks this orphans Hospital of established, more thanks en remember at of moved, let many didn't rice eat of orphans has has second a home, has has rice eat of days, according to this elderly memories said, Xiong Ke just before the birth of my father was captured by Kuomintang zhua Zhuang Ding, and from then on there was no news. Because of overwork, the mother also died at the age of 5 before Xiong Ke. Alone of Xiong Ke Qian only and Grandma depended on each other, but in 10 age that years, Grandma is was alive starve to death has, from, Xiong Ke Qian completely into has orphans, fate will he to has despair of edge, but this when orphans hospital take has he, or early not know starve to death in where has, in party day many people are tears has, while memories up when of life, while is on en remember of thanks, good for decades years missing of partners also can a eye recognized to, not long have has more like, But once experienced the most important time of life, everybody's heart, watching a moving, Chengdu moving companies rushed to the party soon related to the staff here, giving you a more detailed report, many reporters came here, opportunities have been touched by the scene, reunited decades in Exchange for not be moving it?

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